Why You Should Get Your Own Turntable

Own Turntable

People are beginning to move back to old school fashion not just in clothing trends but also in music. Recently, the demand for under 500 turntables at RDA is rising significantly. If you are yet to wipe off the dust on your family’s vinyl record player, here is why you should get a new turntable instead:

It Lets You Take a Minute Off the Screens

We have become so hooked to screens via televisions and cellphones. Believe it or not, the blue light these screens emit can be damaging. With a turntable, however, you can take a break by listening to music on a vinyl record.

It’s a Form of Art

Most of us grew up listening to CDs and downloading music. Having turntables means more famous artwork in terms of music. A vinyl record is more attractive than a compact disc. Besides, holding a collection in hard and soft copy has a significant difference.

It Boosts character

Adding a turntable to your apartment will tell a lot about your character. Besides, you will no longer face the struggle of starting a conversation with a new guest. The vinyl record will warm up your apartment and have a lot to say for you.

An Excellent Addition to Your Hobbies

Having a turntable means going to music stores to buy records. At the music store, you are likely to interact with other audiophiles. Who knows, you might land into your new best friend or better half.

Currently, social sites and the internet make it hard to have face-to-face interactions. With turntables, you can even invite your friends over to hang out the old school way as they listen to your record collection.

You Can Discover New Music

Naturally, we have different tastes and preferences. We enjoy some genre better than another. However, turntables work a little different and can help you discover new music.

When it comes to digital music, you can download what you have in mind. However, when it comes to shopping or collecting music for your turntable, you will find yourself to be open-minded. After all, you have to scan through the cover of the record and check whether it piques your interest or not.

In the process, you will find yourself willing to try something new.

It Offers Better Sound

We all hear things differently. However, most people attest that a turntable has a live sound which makes the room lively. The music is colorful, vivid, and even better than other alternative formats.

It is Engaging

A turntable is fragile and inconvenient. While you might see that as a downside, that’s actually an advantage. It’s because you will have to take care of it actively. Leave alone all the other music formats which always sound the same. When it comes to turntables, you have to put in work.

How you store the records is essential since it will impact the sound it produces. You must also be careful where you store them, and you might have to clean the files occasionally.


If you haven’t purchased your own turntable yet, now is the time to do so. The mere fact that you can listen to great music, particularly the classics, is definitely an experience you’ll surely enjoy.