Here’s Why Meeting Up For Coffee Is The Best First Date Idea

Coffee Is The Best First Date Idea

You have met someone online and after a few months of chatting, the first date is finally going to happen. Well, worry no more because a cup of coffee is the answer to having the perfect first date. Below you will find out what replaces backpage and why grabbing a cup of coffee is the best option when arranging the first date.

Caffeine Cheers You Up

Your brain begins to work in full swing when meeting someone for the very first time. It processes many kinds of signals regarding your date’s actual appearance, outfit and the way he or she talks. Also, there are many questions lingering on your mind. How do you start the conversation? Will your date like you? With all of these in your mind at the same time, boost your brain with coffee. Caffeine has been proven to wake you up and enhance your thoughts, intellect and reaction time which are all important to have the most out of your first date.

Coffees are Inexpensive and Always Available

Coffee shops that have romantic themes, lovely decorations and cosy ambience are everywhere nowadays. You don’t need to travel far to find one. But probably, what’s best about it is that a coffee date will not cost you a fortune. Dating is usually more on conversation and everyone enjoys it more with a tangy cup of coffee. If your first date goes well, then you can spend more on your future dates.

Fewer Distractions, More Talk

Once the barista serves the coffee, both of you can now focus on knowing about each other without any interference by somebody or anything.  Indeed, watching movies or doing exciting activities are a great form of bonding. However, they’re not ideal for first dates and may impede in knowing the essential details about your date. Know what are your common interests or the things your date doesn’t like. Find out if your date is in situations like moving on from a past relationship. In these kinds of situations, you can decide whether you’ll pursue further.

You Can End It Anytime

A coffee date is the perfect initial activity to do as you can halt it right away or make it as long as you like. When you sense that both of you will not work being together, you can finish your coffee immediately, be thankful for the time and end the date in an instant. But if you feel that this might be the one you’re looking for and the two of you are relishing each other’s company, you might as well extend the conversation. You can also ask your date to join you for dinner to continue the fun in the evening.

Since this is the first time you actually meet your date, keep an open mind in everything your date says. Don’t interrupt or shut him or her down by making harsh comments. Moreover, you don’t really know that person completely, so be careful and vigilant, especially to the ones you’ve met online via a dating app or in Backpage alternative sites.